Dampersan was established in 1987. Our company has been still giving service in Ostim Organized Industrial Region at on-board equipment, body production with dumping mechanism, steel body production, hydraulic machines production main sectors. Our company activates to keep higest customer satisfaction in production and service sectors. Dampersan always works to present best service to its customers with its experienced and specialist personnel according to quality and confidence principles.

Without compromising the principles of quality and durability, our company manufacture all kinds of dump to trucks. For many years we have experience and knowledge and we combined them with today’s technology to dedicate our valued customers service.

Our industry, manifactured dampers and damper tools, boxes, trailers, dump trailers, etc.. because of this we have big relevancy in economy of transport, construction sectors in the national economy.

We expect to see you in Dampersan.


Our technology, our production continues to successfully created and trained, experienced, focused team with the quality our customers by continually innovating and giving full support to our customers to increase customer satisfaction.


Our company is active in his industry and technological solutions to our customers’ expectations by providing superior service to offer high quality and global standards will create the institutional structure of the sector to take its place among the leading companies.